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Why raise funds through iSTOX?

We provide high-quality issuers with an efficient and regulatory-compliant platform to directly connect with investors and raise capital with structures customizable to each issuer. Our platform’s issuance, investment and secondary trading functionalities are fully-integrated, allowing for faster time-to-issuance and lower costs.

How does it work?

Our streamlined issuance process consists of three stages which takes an issuer from initial onboarding all the way to digitized security issuance and listing on our trading platform.

Equity-backed digitized security offerings offers promising companies a lower-cost, faster time-to-issuance alternative to traditional public and private markets equity financing channels. Equity-backed digitized security offerings are an ideal way for promising companies to share their growth story with a wider community.

Access the capital markets via instruments and structures that best suit your needs

Company Equity

Fixed-income instruments

Funds and Fund Products

Real assets

Issuance of fixed-income digitized securities allow a broader spectrum of issuers to tap segments of the debt market which are otherwise not accessible. Debt-backed digitized securities can allow issuers to build a more optimal capital structure and diversify their sources of financing to meet their needs in a more flexible, customized way.


Issuance of digitized securities representing units in a fund allows asset managers to more efficiently place fund units and products to a wider pool of investors. By enabling multiple issuances in bespoke structures quickly and at lower cost, iSTOX enhances fund managers’ ability to grow their AUM outside the inefficient and costly distribution ecosystem today.

Expand your real asset-related business via real asset-backed digitized security structures which can be customized to suit each issuer’s bespoke needs. Collective investment schemes, structured notes, collateralized debt and other structures backed by income-generating assets or development projects can be accommodated, allowing issuers to tap capital markets more seamlessly than before. 

Why our platform is the right place for your issuance

Low-Cost & Efficient

Our platform, operations and processes are designed from ground-up with cost-efficiency in mind

Access to Capital

We bridge the gap between quality issuers and investors looking for great opportunities 


Our platform is developed holistically as an end-to-end solution from issuance, custody and trading

Customisable Structures

Digitized securities can be easily customized to suit the bespoke needs of both issuers and investors

Regulated in Singapore

We are a licensed platform in a major global financial center

Our listing team will assist incoming issuers and clarify the necessary documentation requirements and onboarding processes

Pre-consultation with our team


Investors on iSTOX can participate in the digitized security issuance directly via our platform



Initiate Digitized Security Offering

Key terms and conditions are prepared and digitized for the issuance 


We offer a streamlined process of Digitized Securities Issuance on iSTOX

The next stage in the evolution of capital markets will see companies seek new funding avenues that suit their different stages of growth and business needs. We believe iSTOX will meet the needs of issuers and investors of the future and add to the vibrancy of global capital markets."

Mr Chew Sutat

EVP, Head of Global Sales and Origination, SGX

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