Discover untapped opportunities

For Investors

Expand your investment portfolio by accessing attractive private market investment opportunities represented by digitized securities

Backed by leading industry players

Digitized securities enable greater investor access to the private market and enables easy trading of these securities


Shares, units or interest in a private fund investing in high growth sectors

Fixed Income

Quality private debt instruments backed by a variety of underlying business activities and/or collateral

Growth Equity

Equity interest in promising, high-growth companies

Economic Participation Structures

Customized instruments including collective investment schemes and products tied to income-generating activities like events and projects

Mr Derek Lau

CEO, Heliconia Capital (Subsidiary of Temasek Holdings)

We see iSTOX as a potential disruptor in the traditional capital markets. Via digitized security issuance and trading on iSTOX, investors will have enhanced access to a broader investment opportunity set. In this way, iSTOX provides more options for investors seeking alternative streams of return."

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